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So… What’s So Great about Blogging, Anyway?

You may have asked yourself such a question such a question at one point, and the short answer is that it possesses such a large community, there’s no reason to ignore it.



According to stats, there are over 16 million blogs hosted, as well as over 200 million people worldwide who read them. Taking an example of how much of a grasp the blogging world as in popular media, a blog is partly responsible for Sarah Palin’s Vice President nomination. You can’t ignore that kind of influence.


Company Blogging

Blogging isn’t just a personal thing, it can also be used to benefit a company as well. The main reason would be how search engines are attracted to blogs. This could help bring attention to your blog, and in tandem? That’s right, your business. Another big reason is how it can help “humanize” your company. Blogs are seen as a very personal form of communication, and blogging can eliminate that “corporate” feel you might want to steer away from. Keeping an active blog can help you keep in touch with your clients. Such an easy access to your clients lets you receive feedback at a much quicker rate.


As a Designer, What Should I Blog About?

Taking a designer as an example, there are some things you can blog about, which can lure in potential clients for your business. As a designer with a business, you must project yourself as an authority, and I would recommend discussing design in the media, which direction its headed, and your opinions on it. This can show your people that you have an idea what you’re talking about.

Another idea I would recommend is showing various progress pictures of portfolio pieces. Showing the process of how you get to your finished product can intrigue clients, as well as them getting an example of what you’re capable of.


How to Improve Your Blog

Let’s say you already have your own business blog. No one’s perfect, and should always be seeking improvements. Here are some common mistakes, and how to fix that.

  • Just like any business, it’s all about the client. Talking about yourself can make people loose interests because, honestly? They couldn’t care less. Talking about things that pertains to them helps maintain interests, and attract others.
  • With an increasing amount of company blogs, making yours different helps wonders. With the right writing style, it can help give your company a voice. Tossing around jargon will make your blog boring and uninteresting.
  • Something as simple as posting regularly! If a customer saw the last blog post was two weeks ago, it would be disheartening.
  • Make the clients feel like they are a part of the company. As stated above, pictures of projects in progress, maybe even posting videos of the employees at work havin’ fun. It would help give a very homely feel to your company.
  • Lastly, toss a little humor here and there! Constantly being serious will degrade your clients’ interests. No one wants that.

In Conclusion

Blogging is the newest social craze, with many benefits besides publicizing your thoughts and ideas. A blog can be used to do a whole lot more than that, such as building a community, or better client/business relationship. Regardless of your profession, blogging can better introduce yourself to the community that pertains to your business interests, and can further improve your skills and/or business. Further looking at it from the perspective of a company, blogging has become a huge thing recently, and passing up such an opportunity can potentially hurt your company. The way I see it, company blogging should be a standard amongst business websites, being just as important as say, an online store or contact information.


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