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The Media is Changing, and How Agents are Responsible

When involved in the industry of digital media, things change. Heck, things change so frequently, they might be doing so right now! New software or hardware is always made that takes the industry by storm. The latest crazy for example, is smart phones. If CNet is reviewing the best smart phones for a business, then clearly there’s some sort of job market for them.


Change Agent

What is a change agent? Putting it simply, it’s someone a business by changing certain things for the better of the company. Now, why would someone want to change the way they do things? It helps the business keep up to date. Using a more primitive and direct example, if a company still used snail mail instead of email, it would look bad for the company. Looking at it more currently, what’s the newest big thing right now?


The Big Bang

That’s right, as I previously mentioned; smart phones. These things are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They’re like mini computers, and therefore let’s people keep up with their business on the fly without the constant need to open and start up their laptop. That is just one example, however. With applications being designed for them constantly, their uses increase very quickly.


Why Become a Change Agent

Now, I’m not necessarily saying dedicating your entire career to this, but here’s where I’m coming from. Take blogging for instance. A designer gets hired by a company to make a website. Of course, the designer may try to convince the company to also make a blog, stating the reasons why and so forth. This is the designer becoming a change agent.


In Conclusion

Looking past just a single industry, everything in the world changes. People, such as Change Agents, make sure that business keep up with these changes for the better. This is where you can take advantage of learning all the new software or hardware that becomes the new standard. By becoming a change agent, you can convince your client why going in this new direction with say, their website can help them expand, and therefore help you.


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