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The 3 Best CSS Resources Every Designer Should Know

1. W3Schools

It is a website that everyone should know. It shows all the basics (as well as the advanced) of CSS via various tutorials and references. It’s really a website that everyone who wants to get into web developing should bookmark, and not just the CSS section. Because of this high standard it holds in the web design field, it is up to date on the large web developing languages.

2. CSS Cheat Sheet: Inheritance, Cascade, Specificity

This is a printable cheat sheet that is a reference as to what properties can be inherited, what properties can’t, etc. Not only that, but it also goes in depth on how cascading and specificity works. It is a really good website to use for future reference whenever you need it, whether you are new or a veteran to CSS.

3. CSS3 Click Chart

A chart that displays a lot of the newer properties for CSS3 supported for all the major browsers. You can easily scroll through and click on the name of the property, which will spit out the code you need to create the look you want. Really handy to have if you want to add some flare on a website.


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