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CMSimple vs. Website Baker. Round 1. FIGHT!

What Are They?

CMSimple and Website Baker are both Content Management Systems. As you know from my previous blog, CMS’s are the hip thing to use. These two in specific, are a little simpler and easier than other, more advanced ones.  I have pitted them against each other to the death (ok not really, but I am  pitting them against each other) to see who will come out on top.



CMSimple, as its name would imply, is very easy to install. All it really takes is to move the CMSimple folder to the htdocs folder (this folder is where you put stuff you want to be made public on the internet) and you’re done. Simple as that!

Website Baker:

Alright, because Website Baker requires a database, it’s a little bit harder. Just like CMSimple, you drag the WB folder to the htdocs folder. Then you have to create the database, which will take research if you don’t know how to do that. Then you go to the WB folder from your browser and continue the installation process.



This CMS has very simple features. All you have to do is login (no username, you just need to input a password) and from there, you can edit and create pages. There are plug-ins you can add to do some fancier things, but overall it’s pretty straight forward.

Now, the confusing part. To create pages, there’s no “New Page” button. It’s explained when you install it, but you use the H1, H2, and H3 tags to add pages (H2 and H3 being sub pages of the H1 and H2 respectively). It takes a little getting used to, but it’s a neat concept once you get the hang of it.

Website Baker:

Website Baker has more features than CMSimple. Instead of just needing a password to login, you can create accounts to log in and even give each of them different permissions!  Also, you can add droplets and add-ons (pretty much plug-ins) to do some fancier stuff with your website.  The cool thing about some of this is that you can even make your own on the spot if you want.

There are more advanced features you can do with your website, although it does require some research (such as multiple content blocks and menus). Once you get the hang of it, you can do pretty much anything (even creating a store on your own website by adding some code created by the Website Baker community in a jiff!).


You know, this is really one of the things I feel both are very similar in. They both require very simple website templates to be used on the website. All you need to do is take a website’s basic layout, and plug in PHP code in each section of the website, and that’s pretty much it! A Website Baker template takes a little bit more, but it’s the same concept.

Editing & Backing Up


I really like how easy and simple it is to edit content on CMSimple. All you gotta do is login right from the page you wanna edit, add or remove any content you want, save, and that’s it! If you know what you’re doing (which only takes bit of research), the quickness of how you can edit and add content on your website can reach lightning speeds!

Every time you edit a page, CMSimple automatically creates back up of your content. Very convenient. The CMSimple folder is small, so copying it to multiple locations (it’s a pretty small CMS unless the website has tons of pages) can be easy and quick.

Website Baker:

Alright, so Website Baker is a bit more sophisticated than CMSimple when it comes to editing. With multiple users and permissions, allowing who edits what is very convenient for those who don’t know much about coding and websites. Also, you can organize your pages much easier, as well as a similar organization of sub pages as CMSimple.

Because of how much more robust Website Baker is, it’s not as simple to back up a Website Baker site. Not only does it take backing up the WB folder (which is quite large), it also requires backing up the database. Knowing how to do so will take some research if you don’t know how. Also, if you move the website to a different server, you would have to reinstall Website Baker for it to work.

So, Who Wins?

That’s right! Website Baker. Why? Well, Website Baker is a database driven CMS, and something I would be more inclined to use with a client. With the use of permissions, as well as a more sophisticated method of editing content, I believe it is a clear winner.


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  1. Nice article! I too have found WebsiteBaker to be a better solution to managing content, although CMSimple does have its merits. Do you think that the flat-file or database driven system is a better method to storing content?

    • Mike Altamirano

      I think it would have to depend on the size of the website. If it’s a small website, with say 10-20 pages, then I would go with flat-file because of how fast you can edit the few pages you have.

      With large websites, wherein the page amounts reach near the 100s, then I would go with a database. Mainly because of how much more robust it is, an example being allowing permissions. With the additional features that come with database driven systems, I can easily trust inexperienced clients with larger amounts of content.

  2. That makes sense, especially with the inexperienced clients part. That way, if something were to go wrong, the content would still be saved somewhere in a database.


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