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Which Contact Form is the Best?


Contact forms; forms in which you can contact the people of the website via forms. It’s very convenient, as you can contact them without the need of backtracking to your email service of choice just to tell him/her of how a good job they’re doing(Just an example, ooobviously).

From messing around with it, WordPress can do contact forms itself, but from doing all the coding yourself. This is a simpler route (or a more complicated one, depends on how filled your cup is), but then comes the main attraction to plug-ins. Spam blocking! No one likes being spammed, and I’ve seen many contact forms advertised for their spam blocking abilities.

What plug-in to use?

The one that I would recommend is one called Clean Contact! It’s a very simple contact form, and well, this little snippet from the website says it all:

“The plugin has minimal configuration and can be used out of the box. It is intended to be a simple contact form that is familiar to your users, and doesn’t require them to jump through hoops to send you an message.”

Not only is it simple, but it’s also capable of advanced spam blocking. Really, that all that needs to be said.

Why use it?

The way I figured, everything I’ve stated above is enough of a reason why to use it. Of course, because of its simplicity, it can’t do some of the fancier things without quite a bit of tinkering, but that simplicity is amazing if you just want to get one going.

As I’ve also said a dozen times, them advanced spam blocking capabilities; they’re pretty nifty to have. Lastly, this blog recommends it near the top of the list, so it’s got some credibility behind it (along with the 50 some-odd thousand downloads).

In Conclusion

Clean Contact is the contact form to use. It’s simple, easy to use, with good spam blocking capabilities. So, just like that there contact form, I’ma keep this short and sweet: Go use it!


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