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Scheduling Made Easy!

Which One to Use?

Setting events and reminders for yourself (and others, even!) is very useful. Having events “etched in stone” on a calendar within a website can prevent a lot of confusion. For example, a business has an upcoming event for their co-workers and said co-workers realize it’s coming up. If no one knows when exactly it is (maybe not even the higher ups. I mean, you never know…), being able to check the website for all the information you need is pretty darn swell.

The next question is, as the heading says, which one to use? When it comes to WordPress websites, there are tons of different types of plug-ins; and calendar plug-ins are no exception. One I found to be particularly interesting is called Calender.

Don’t let the rather unimaginative name fool you, it’s pretty nifty.

The Reason to Use it

Alright, the first thing when comes to looking for a good plug-in is to check its credibility. After some searching some websites, I’ve realized that some people think pretty highly of it. Not only that, but the plug-in itself has over 200,000 downloads. I mean really, if it’s that popular, it’s gotta be pretty good, right?

Well, it’s also got some pretty good features.

  • It lets you look through each month of the year with simple drop down menus.
  • Each event is color coded for ease of identifying.
  • Hovering over the event makes a small little bubble pop up with more in depth information.

In Conclusion

Using calendars not only for yourself, but especially so for businesses are really necessary to keep everyone up to speed. The one I would recommend is the plug-in called Calender for WordPress websites. Just like the subject of this blog, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. It’s a good plug-in with plenty of features, so go use it!


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