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It’s All Come Down to This!

Some of the New Stuff

After having to learn how Content Management Systems work (well, kinda), I’m honestly happy that I did. These things are all the rage right now, and as further research shows, for good reason.  And you know what? If I want to get a job in this field, then I’m gonna have to keep up with what’s new.

Personally, I’m the kind of person to learn about a lot of things, rather than specializing in one thing. Doing so helps me stay open to a lot more work, as well as constantly learning about a lot of things.

… And Now the Important Stuff

I think the most important thing I learned about was WordPress. This gave me an insight on how the major CMS’s work. Of course, this doesn’t mean that learning others like Joomla and Drupal will come easy, but I feel that my experience in WordPress made my life a bit easier.

I do have to give some credit to WebsiteBaker, as this helped solidify why I love to use CMS’s, and just how convenient they are. Further working with it showed me however, that it does have its limitations that WordPress does not. What this showed me was that each CMS really does have its ups and downs.

Going Back to the Structure

… of this course.  I honestly really enjoyed it. I know some people aren’t huge fans of the blogging, but I liked it. Using the examples of the course, it helped me choose on what CMS to learn, and what plug-ins to choose. Having to explain my reasoning on my choices helped solidify them. Also, the timeframe of learning the CMS’s I think worked very nicely. Using the simpler ones, then later to the more complex ones was nicely done.

In Conclusion

Learning all these CMS’s really makes me want to do a Jack-of-all-trades kind of thing, just to keep myself available as much as possible. Learning the CMS’s was very insightful, and will further look forward to what becomes the “hip” thing I have to pull my hair out in order to understand how it works.


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